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Entry-level Servers

Get started with a Dedicated Server within your budget

Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth


Xeon Quad Core 100 mbps 16 GB 500 GB 15 TB
$65.00 /mo


Xeon Quad Core 100 mbps 32 GB 1 TB 15 TB
$75.00 /mo


Xeon Hexacore upto 200 mbps 32 GBDDR4 2*480 GB SSD 15 TB
$109.00 /mo


Xeon Hexacore Upto 1gbps 64 GBDDR4 960 GB SSD 15 TB
$139.00 /mo

    High Performance Servers

    More powerful servers for large businesses

    Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth


    Xeon Octacore upto 200 mbps 128 GBDDR4 1920 GB SSD 20 TB
    $270.00 /mo
    $10.00 Setup Fee


    Dual Octacore Xeon upto 200 mbps 256 GBDDR4 2*960 GB SSD 20 TB
    $329.00 /mo
    $10.00 Setup Fee


    Decacore Xeon upto 200 mbps 256 GBDDR4 3.84 TB SSD 20 TB
    $399.00 /mo
    $10.00 Setup Fee


    Dual Dodeca core upto 200 mbps 512 GBDDR4 7.68 TB SSD 20 TB
    $689.00 /mo
    $15.00 Setup Fee
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      Buy Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in USA

      If you are looking for dedicated server hosting in USA: - We offer you a cheap dedicated server in USA,  We are here to give you the best server this dedicated server is fully faithful to you and your organization. You don’t need to share your server with others it’s only for you or your organization. It’s managed by MSP (managed service provider) you have full access to your server.

      If your business contains a database large and supply chain infrastructure and hundreds of eCommerce transactions hourly, you need a dedicated server. 

      Dedicated server hosting in USA   

      ·       Dedicated server managed high traffic gracefully.

      ·    It’s groomed your website; in a dedicated server, you can optimize Hardware – software by yourself on the server.

      ·     In a dedicated server, you will get full access, and more privacy which means you can handle all full server things.

      ·      You will get better performance with more resources and privacy.

      Working process of a Cheap dedicated server in USA

      ·       We can store our website files without any limits on a web server.

      ·     With the help of our server our website works rapidly because our server stores only our website files.

      ·       It gives a better user experience to our visitors.

      When you choose a dedicated server for our website then the server gives in return   

      ·     Better performance: - when you get a full server that only hosts your website then automatically you will get many resources.   

      ·   High security: - dedicated server comes with a high level of security there is no chance of affecting our website because the server handles only our website. You get more security layers with your personal IP address in a dedicated server which helps you in any delicate transactions.   

      ·   Good support: - In managed dedicated hosting your server is managed by the web host. It’s useful for those users who don’t have much experience in managed servers.

      ·    Full control: - dedicated server provides you full control of your server you can install software as well as you can do changes in hardware.  

      ·   Trustworthy: - dedicated server is very trustworthy this server never compromises speed because there is only our website works which means other websites can’t be burdened on our server.

      If you want one of the most secure servers then dedicated servers is for you it gives you more security than another server in a dedicated server on your security system you will get full access and control you can handle this on your own. A dedicated server can be a powerful efficient and reliable system that can handle a large amounts of data and processes. You get maximum performance in a dedicated server habitat that is doubtless dedicated to your website/platform. This allows your server to be faster.

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