/21, /22, /23, and /24 subnet servers available | NO port block on SMTP | PMTA Setup | rDNS allow

Entry-level Servers

Get started with a Dedicated Server within your budget

Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth


Intel® Quad-Core
256 IPs (/24 IPv4 subnet)
upto 1 gbps 8 GB 500 GB un-metered
₹21999.00 /mo


Intel® Quad-Core
256 IPs (/24 IPv4 subnet)
uptp 1gbps 16 GB 1000 GB HDD or 500 SSD Un-metered
₹24999.00 /mo

    High Configuration Servers

    More powerful servers for medium and large projects

    Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth


    Intel® Quad-Core
    256 IPs (/24 IPv4 subnet)
    upto 1 gbps 32 GB 1000 GB HDD or 500 SSD Un-metered
    ₹31000.00 /mo


    Intel® Quad-Core
    256 IPs (/24 IPv4 subnet)
    upto 1gbps 48 GB 1000 GB HDD or 500 GB SSD Un-metered
    ₹35000.00 /mo

      256 IPs Dedicated Server


      The use case of a dedicated server is highly functional in the present business infrastructure. The competitive competition in the market has raised the requirement for high-quality dedicated servers for effective marketing campaigns, bulk email marketing, and other digital promotional practices. Climax hosting data servers offers you a range of 256 IPs dedicated servers in India, which helps to manage substantial and scalable marketing and promotion practices.


      We provide our server, which is comfortable and compatible with multiple platform marketing practices, such as digital newsletter, email, bulk sums, social media messages, email marketing, and many similar marketing perspectives. Our team helps you to integrate the server according to the requirement for a specific marketing strategy. Let us know more about our servers with their comprehensive details.


      Category Of Servers We Offer: 

      We offer a wide range of 256 IPs dedicated servers which the customer can choose according to their needs and requirement. We offer these servers in two distinct categories. Below is the tabular description of both the categories:


      Key Features of Our Servers: 


      Climax hosting data servers offers you the best-rated and performance-driven 256 IPs dedicated server for scalable marketing strategies. Our server helps build up an efficient market position by increasing customer acquisition. Below are some of the key features of our 256 IPs dedicated servers. Let us have a look:


      • Personalized Cloud Support: With our 256 IP server, you can build a personalized cloud for your personal use with the extensive support of our dedicated server. Multiple apps can be run simultaneously on the server, which is great from a marketing perspective.
      • Numerous Site Hosting: Our team provides you with the best server according to the business infrastructure, which must host several websites and platforms simultaneously on a single server. With this feature, you can run multiple platforms to host the server according to the marketing strategy.
      • Complete Server Control: We provide complete server control in our services. With this control, you can efficiently manage the server through your end and access it according to your requirement. With this advanced access, you can efficiently monitor the resources and server according to the operations.
      • Massive Storage Space: Climax hosting data servers offers you the servers with adequate storage in the dedicated server sufficient for running the substantial information and database with high-end security without server breakout and slow performance.
      • Modern Solutions: We offer you cutting-edge and futuristic technology with performance-driven solution services to assist you in the configuration and deployment of efficient server settings.
      • Support and Administration: In case you need any assistance with the administration and management of the server, our team supports with constant monitoring of the server with consistent updating with compliance with requirements and demand.


      Our Range Of IPs Server with Configuration 

      We offer a broad range of IPs server to support you with all your requirements. below are the details:


      • /20 Subnet: It is designed with 4096 IPs.
      • /21 subnet: It is designed with 2048 IPs.
      • /22 subnet: It is designed with 1024 IPs.
      • /23 subnet: It is designed with 512 IPs.
      • /24 subnet: It is designed with 256 IPs.
      • /25 subnet: It is designed with 128 IPs.
      • /26 subnet: It is designed with 64 IPs.
      • /27 subnet: It is designed with 32 IPs.


      Why choose us: 

      Choosing us will provide the interaction with experienced and qualified team support offering you customized and precise server support according to your requirements. Climax hosting data servers offer you advanced server support with flexible accessibility and multiplatform support.


      • Expert team support providing you the SMTP server management: Our team offers you the best-rated servers with secured configuration and easy access through multiple platforms. 
      • Advanced SLA support with 99.99 percent uptime: We offer our services with high-end SLA support with proper and accurate documentation in compliance with precise service standards. 
      • Premium Server Bandwidth: We provide cutting-edge server bandwidth in every 256 IPs dedicated server under a certain category to match your requirements. 
      • 24X7 Server Observation: Our team constantly observes and monitors the server with the perspective of run quality, performance, and security to deliver the best-rated server performance.  
      • Advanced Expert Assistance: We function with a team of expert professionals who consistently monitor the server performance and support you with all your needs. 


      Benefits Of Implementing Our Servers: 

      Implementing our 256 IPs dedicated server offers you multiple benefits, resulting in substantial growth in your business. Our server offers accurate bandwidth in multiple categories, which matches every scale business, and our team installs it according to the requirement and use case. You also avail of multiplatform support, top-notch security features, and flexible accessibility to manage and operate the servers. Below are some listed benefits which can impact scalable business growth:


      • Large volume and increased timeframe: With our 256 IPs dedicated server, you can send over 2 million emails daily. In addition, our service offers you multiple IPs, which reduces the delivery time.
      • Operating Multiple Marketing Campaigns: We offer a server with which you can run multiple campaigns on a single server. For instance, at the time of IP blacklisting or DDoS attack on a particular campaign, another campaign running will not be impacted as it has different IP. We offer the server a guarantee of providing the safe list IPs with a 100% mail delivery record.


      We offer you the best-rated server with multiple categories and team support. All the categories offer you the maximum speed and bandwidth required according to your marketing campaign and use case. Climax hosting data servers provide you with a supportive team that provides you with compatible and performance-driven server support and constant observation and monitoring. 

      We provide following IPs subnet servers.
      /20 Subnet

      This type of server have 4096 IPs

      /21 subnet

      This type of server have 2048 IPs

      /22 subnet

      This type of server have 1024 IPs

      /23 subnet

      This type of server have 512 IPs

      /24 subnet

      This type of server have 256 IPs

      /25 subnet

      This type of server have 128 IPs

      /26 subnet

      This type of server have 64 IPs

      /27 subnet

      This type of server have 32 IPs

      Not Sure which configuration is best for you?
      No problem. Send us a ticket with your questions and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Free of charge.

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      Why Choose Us?
      Types of Mail Server

      Delivery Time 

      Due to multiple IPs this server takes longer time as compared to all other servers. Climax Hosting Data Centers tries to deliver server as earliest but normally it takes 3-5 working days. 

      Server cost 

      Before order this server make sure that in these server all IPs comes with a cost. Always check your budget before placing these servers order. There are no fixed prices for mailing servers so before ordering see the plans & their prices it may vary time to time. Prices may also change when you want to order custom DC locations.

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