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Entry-level Servers

Get started with a Dedicated Server within your budget

Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth


Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3 upto 1gbps 16 GB 1TB SATA Un-metered
$69.00 /mo


Intel® Quad-Core upto 1gbps 32 GB 1000 GB (2x500 GB SATA) Un-metered
$111.00 /mo


Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 upto 1gbps 64 GB 2x1 TB SATA Un-metered
$169.00 /mo
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    High Performance Servers

    More powerful servers for medium and large projects

    Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth


    2x Intel Xeon E-2670 upto 1gbps 128 GB 2x2 TB SATA Un-metered
    $259.00 /mo
      Features of Dedicated Server
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      Top benefits of dedicated server hosting in Germany

      If you always are in the market for a hosting solution, you know there are many different options available. A  dedicated server in Germany always tries to offer a long list of benefits ranging from security, control, customization, reliability, and 24/7 support that make it a leading option for many. 


      When compared to any virtualized solution, aka cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting in Germany will also perform better even if the two solutions seem to have the same amount of CPU cores, RAM, and drive space. 

      Mainly Dedicated Server Hosting in Germany Offers a Higher Level of Security. 

      Are dedicated servers more secure? So, if you are asking this question, then security is a key element in your search for a dedicated server hosting solution. 

      Dedicated Servers Offer Greater Access Control. 

      This level of access also gives you greater control over the hardware and always software on the device and would not be possible if resources or data on the server were being shared by different users. 

      Fast Customization & Scalability. 

      Dedicated servers can also be quickly configured to include the right mix of processing power and storage to meet your specific needs. 

      Infrastructure Reliability. 

      These data centers mainly offer redundant power sources to keep servers up and running when local power grids fail. 

      24/7 On-Premise Support. 

      When you configure a Germany dedicated server, you can rest easy knowing that your hardware is backed by 24/7 on-premise support from an on-site team member.

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