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NVIDIA A100 - GPU Plans
Name CPU Model GPU Cores GPU Memory/core Memory/Storage Bandwidth

A100-1/20 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 1/20 GPU 4 GB/1vCPU 6 GB/70 GB NVMe 1 TB
$100.00 /mo
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A100-1/10 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 1/10 GPU 8 GB/1vCPU 12GB/140GB NVMe 1 TB
$200.00 /mo
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A100-1/7 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 1/7 GPU 10 GB/2 vCPU 15 GB/170 GB NVMe 2 TB
$270.00 /mo
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A100-1/3 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 1/3 GPU 20 GB/3vCPU 30 GB/350 GB NVMe 3 TB
$470.00 /mo
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A100- 1/2 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 1/2 GPU 40 GB/6 vCPUs 60 GB/700 GB NVMe 7 TB
$899.00 /mo
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A100- 1 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 1 GPU 80 GB/12 VCPUs 120 GB/1400 GB NVMe 10 TB
$1800.00 /mo
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A100- 2 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 2 GPUs 160 GB/24 vCPUs 240 GB/1400 GB NVMe 10 TB
$3600.00 /mo
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A100- 4 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 4 GPUs 320 GB/48 vCPUs 480 GB/1400 GB NVMe 15 TB
$7200.00 /mo
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A100- 8 GPU

AMD EPYC 7543 8 GPUs 640 GB/96 VCPUs 960 GB/2200 GB NVMe 25 TB
$14500.00 /mo
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    NVIDIA A 40 - GPU Plans
    Name CPU Model GPU Cores GPU Memory / Core Memory/Storage Bandwidth

    A40 - 1/12 GPU

    AMD EPYC 7543 1/12 GPU 4 GB/2 vCPUs 10 GB/180 GB NVMe 180 GB NVMe
    $130.00 /mo
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    A40 - 1/12 GPU

    AMD EPYC 7543 1/12 GPU 4 GB/2 vCPUs 10 GB/180 GB NVMe 180 GB NVMe
    $240.00 /mo
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    A40 - 1/4 GPU

    AMD EPYC 7543 1/4 GPU 12 GB/6 vCPUs 30 GB/550 GB NVMe 550 GB NVMe
    $345.00 /mo
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    A40 - 1/3 GPU

    AMD EPYC 7543 1/3 GPU 13 GB/7 vCPUs 31 GB/550 GB NVMe 550 GB NVMe
    $450.00 /mo
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    A40 - 1/2 GPU

    AMD EPYC 7543 1/2 GPU 24 GB/12 vCPUs 60 GB/1100 GB NVMe 1100 GB NVMe
    $660.00 /mo
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    A40 - 1 GPU

    AMD EPYC 7543 4 GPUs 48 GB/24 vCPUs 120 GB/1400 GB NVMe 1400 GB NVMe
    $1299.00 /mo
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    A40 - 4 GPU

    AMD EPYC 7543 4 GPUs 192 GB/96 vCPUs 480 GB/1400 GB NVMe 1400 GB NVMe
    $5500.00 /mo
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      NVIDIA A16 - GPU Plans
      Name CPU Model GPU Cores GPU Memory / core Memory/Storage Bandwidth

      A16 - 1/16 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 1/16 GPU 1 GB/2 vCPUs 4 GB/50 GB NVMe 1 TB
      $25.00 /mo
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      A16 - 1/8 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 1/8 GPU 2 GB/2 vCPUs 8 GB/50 GB NVMe 1 TB
      $50.00 /mo
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      A16 - 1/4 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 1/4 GPU 4 GB/2 vCPUs 16 GB/80 GB NVMe 2 TB
      $99.00 /mo
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      A16 - 1/2 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 1/2 GPU 16 GB/3 vCPUs 32 GB/170 GB NVMe 3 TB
      $199.00 /mo
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      A16 - 1 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 1 GPU 16 GB/6 vCPUs 64 GB/350 GB NVMe 6 TB
      $380.00 /mo
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      A16 - 2 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 2 GPU 17 GB/7 vCPUs 65 GB/351 GB NVMe 7 TB
      $730.00 /mo
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      A16 - 4 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 4 GPU 64 GB/24 vCPUs 256 GB/1200 GB NVMe 12 TB
      $1499.00 /mo
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      A16 - 8 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 8 GPU 128 GB/48 vCPUs 496 GB/1500 GB NVMe 15 TB
      $2899.00 /mo
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      A16 - 16 GPU

      AMD EPYC 7543 16 GPU 256 GB/96 vCPUs 960 GB/1700 GB NVMe 25 TB
      $5900.00 /mo
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        NVIDIA RTX 4090 (4090 GPU) Plan
        Name CPU Model GPU Cores GPU Memory / core Memory/Storage Bandwidth

        4090 GPU

        AMD EPYC 7543 16384 CUDA® cores 24GB (1x24GB) GDDR6X /2 vCPUs 24GB (1x24GB) GDDR6X / 480 GB NVMe 1 TB
        $25.00 /mo
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          Why Choose Us?

          GPU servers cater to diverse industries, from healthcare to finance, by powering applications such as medical imaging, financial modeling, and virtual reality.

          Enhanced Performance

          They deliver higher performance for AI, ML, data analytics, and HPC workloads, reducing processing times significantly.

          Accelerated Processing

          GPU servers excel in parallel processing, enabling faster computation of complex tasks compared to CPU-only servers.

          Competitive Edge

          Leveraging GPU servers provides organizations with a competitive edge, enabling faster innovation, quicker insights, and better decision-making.

          Great graphics processing ability

          Once the system has constructed the data, the GPU Cloud server renders it. Processing and storing data makes use of buffer memory. This decouples the graphics processing functions, which enhances the visual experience and reduces stress on the system.

          Powerful computing performance

          GPU servers improve computational power, which will be the real productivity in the intelligent era. High-performance computing simplifies complex IT settings, relieves computer pressure, and helps organisations handle data efficiently.

          Multi-capacity server

          Supporting high-end configurations of cloud services across a wide range of infrastructures, the GPU server with ample storage space not only allows businesses to keep up with their everyday operations, but also helps them better cater to their customers' specific requirements.

          Computational performance increases

          Hardware efficiency impacts enterprise website and app performance and user experience. GPU servers boost user experience and company efficiency.

          Artificial intelligence training

          Using GPU servers and Nvidia Servers will assist businesses develop algorithms and AI if they need to perform complex statistical and autonomous operations.

          DDoS protection

          Utilising GPU cloud server hosting services, you can rest assured that your data will be secure and protected from unwanted infiltration thanks to today's cutting-edge technological solutions.

          Task management

          GPU server and Nvidia servers provide better task management. Enterprises can distribute tasks to these servers while they focus on core tasks.

          Increased Site Speed

          With more resources available, elements can load faster. And with a good site speed, you will get more traffic and enhanced user experience.

          GPU Servers: Powering Innovation and Efficiency

          Modern computing is the demand for high-performance data processing is driving innovation in server technology in this digital world. One transformative development is the integration of GPU Servers. This article explores the significance of GPU servers, delving into their impact on data centers, and how Climax Hosting is leveraging this technology to stay ahead in the competitive tech industry.

          What are GPU Servers?

          Basically, Central Processing Units (CPUs) have been the workhorses of computing, handling a wide range of tasks from general computing to complex calculations. However, GPU (Graphics Processing Units) servers, originally designed for rendering graphics in video games and multimedia applications, possess a unique architecture optimized for parallel processing tasks. This architecture makes GPUs exceptionally efficient for handling large-scale data computations and complex algorithms.

          Benefits of choosing us as GPU Server providers:

          We as a leader in tech innovation have recognized the potential of GPU servers in transforming data centre capabilities. By integrating GPU-accelerated servers into their infrastructure, we have unlocked unparalleled performance and efficiency gains, particularly in tasks like machine learning, data analytics, and scientific computing.

          1. Machine Learning and AI:

          In the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), GPU servers excel. We utilize GPU clusters to train sophisticated neural networks rapidly. The parallel processing capability of GPUs significantly reduces training times, enabling us to deploy AI solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before.

          1. Big Data Analytics

          Handling vast datasets is a cornerstone of modern data analytics. By harnessing GPU servers, we can process and analyze massive volumes of data with remarkable speed. And this agility empowers data scientists and analysts to derive actionable insights in real-time, driving informed decision-making across the organization.

          1. Scientific Computing

          For research and scientific endeavours, GPU servers offer a compelling advantage. We leverages GPU-accelerated computing to simulate complex phenomena, conduct computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and accelerate molecular modelling. This is also a computational muscle enhances research productivity and fuels innovation in diverse scientific domains.

          1. Optimizing Data Centre Efficiency

          Beyond raw computing power, GPU (Graphics Processing Units) servers contribute to overall data centre efficiency. Our data centres benefit from reduced power consumption per computation, thanks to GPUs' efficiency in parallel processing. This also translates to lower operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint—an increasingly critical consideration in today's sustainability-focused landscape.

          Future Prospects

          If we talk about future, we remains committed to pushing the boundaries of GPU servers. And with ongoing advancements in GPU architecture and software optimization, the potential for innovation is vast. We anticipate further gains in performance, scalability, and versatility, empowering them.

          Benefits and Impact

          • Performance Enhancement: GPU servers also deliver superior performance for parallel workloads, enabling us to achieve faster processing speeds.
          • Cost Savings: Despite the initial investment, GPU servers offer higher performance per watt compared to traditional CPU-based systems.
          • Scalability and Flexibility: GPU servers also provide scalability and flexibility to accommodate evolving computational demands.

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          Future Roadmap

          Development(1970s-1980s) -GPUs began as simple processors designed to offload graphical tasks from the CPU, primarily focusing on 2D graphics for early computer interfaces and simple games.

          3D Graphics and Acceleration (1990s)-  The 1990s saw the rise of 3D graphics in gaming and professional applications. GPUs evolved to support 3D rendering, texture mapping, and lighting effects, enabling more realistic graphics.

          AI and Machine Learning Acceleration (2020s) - GPUs are increasingly used for accelerating AI and machine learning tasks, thanks to their parallel processing capabilities. This has led to the development of specialized AI and machine learning accelerators, such as NVIDIA's Tensor Cores.

          Future Developments (beyond 2020s)- The future of GPUs may involve further integration with AI and machine learning technologies, advancements in real-time ray tracing and rendering, improved power efficiency, and new form factors (e.g., integrated GPUs in CPUs or other devices).

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