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Our Data Center

Current Data Centers
  • USA 
  • UK 
  • Germany 
  • India 
  • France 
  • Turkey 
  • Ukraine 
Upcoming Data Centers 
  • China
  • Singapore

Climax Hosting owns the top tier data centers in USA, UK, Germany, India & France. Soon will extend to China & Singapore. Our entire data centers resides within Climax Hosting Data Centers facility which offers the flexibility to deliver the reliability, performance and quality required for customers to grow business. We utilize the art server hardware, electrical, HVAC and network systems to keep customers consistently uninterrupted from the services we offer. 

Climax Hosting Data Centers provide web host with powerful and efficient widely spread data center infrastructure. Climax Hosting data centers offers the extremely efficient pod design and improves the power usage effectiveness as per the rules and regulation of PUE less than 1.2 Redundancy is one of the most crucial features of redundant data centers offering the unique critical paths as well as dual segregated transformers. Each transformer utilizes the battery capacity of 750Kw UPS backup units.

Data centers are also protected by the fire protection along with the laser scanner smoke and heat detection equipment's. Fire detection system includes Nitrogen fire suppression technique along with the dry pipe pre actionable sprinkler system. A high technology featured CCTV monitoring, safe and secure entrances, bio metric lockers and mantraps are also smartly equipped with our globally centred data centers. 


Climax Hosting offers the guaranteed hand in hand world class data center space. Users can acquire the multiple level of infrastructure exactly as per the demand of uninterrupted infrastructure services. 

Our powerful infrastructure features highly redundant systems. This includes UPS battery backup units, Detroit Diesel Generators and high capacity fuel tanks holding each holding thousands of gallons. 

Our Data Centers technology experts are available for 24X7 hours to ensure consistent infrastructure monitoring. Highest level of physical security is also implemented as an added security feature. 

We offer the full proof protection to our entire data centers having HVAC 42 raised floor, EPAK 500 ton chillers with fast reboot and highest capacity of gallons of water storage. Our entire globally located data centers are equipped with VESDA smoke detection equipment's as well as hurricane shutters to give the best possible advanced protection. 

Network Features of Climax Hosting Data Centers: 

We operate our data centers using fully redundant network equipped with the latest technologies. Our quality network infrastructure includes the highest performance gear to ensure users for low latency as well as the highest throughput. 

Users also acquire the massive bandwidth capacity along with the array of network layers such as n Layer, Comcast and Hurricane Electric etc and many more. 

Fully redundant network and top leveled data centers of Climax hosting system is the added feature of data centers. Our globally centered data centers are also capable to monitor the entire servers by around the clock business moment. 

Our many years of experienced tech executives of data centers monitor the entire servers and resolve the issues before they become risky for the end users. It ensures the end users for maximum up time and reliability of server they are being offered by the

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