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Entry-level mailing Servers

Get started with a mailing Server within your budget

Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth

/29 subnet

Intel® Dual-Core
5 IPs (/29 subnet)
upto 1 Gbit Port 4 GB 150 GB Un-metered
₹5500.00 /mo
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/28 subnet

Intel® Dual-Core
13 IPs (/28 subnet)
upto 1 Gbit Port 4 GB 250 GB Un-metered
₹9999.00 /mo
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/27 subnet

Intel® Dual-Core
29 IPs (/27 subnet)
upto 1 Gbit Port 4 GB 300 GB Un-metered
₹12000.00 /mo
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/26 subnet

Intel® Xeon Octa-Core
64 IPs (/26 subnet)
upto 1 Gbit Port 16 GB 500 GB Un-metered
₹16000.00 /mo
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/25 subnet

Intel® Dual-Core
128 IPs (/25 subnet)
upto 1 Gbit Port 8 GB 300 GB Un-metered
₹20000.00 /mo
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/24 subnet

Intel® Quad-Core
256 IPs (/24 subnet)
upto 1 Gbit Port 16 GB 1 TB HDD or
500 GB SSD
₹24999.00 /mo
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    Large Number of IPs with High Performance Servers

    More powerful servers for your large business.

    Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth

    /23 subnet

    Intel® Quad-Core
    512 IPs (/23 subnet)
    upto 1 Gbit Port 32 GB 1 TB HDD or
    500 GB SSD
    ₹45000.00 /mo
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    /22 subnet

    Intel® Quad-Core
    1024 IPs (/22 subnet)
    upto 1 Gbit Port 16 GB 1 TB HDD or
    500 GB SSD
    ₹110000.00 /mo
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    /21 subnet

    Intel® Quad-Core
    2048 IPs (/21 subnet)
    upto 1 Gbit Port 64 GB 1 TB HDD or
    500 GB SSD
    ₹140000.00 /mo
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      Boost Your Email Marketing Success with Climax Hosting Data Center 


      In the fast-paced digital world, effective email marketing is essential for businesses and individuals seeking to promote their brands. When it comes to SMTP services, Climax Hosting Data Center stands as the ultimate solution, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet all your email marketing needs. Whether you require an SMTP email service, an SMTP server for bulk email, or the cheapest SMTP server option, Climax Hosting has got you covered. Let's explore the exceptional services we provide.


      SMTP Email Service:


      Climax Hosting Data Center offers a reliable and efficient SMTP email service, ensuring that your emails are delivered promptly and securely to your intended recipients. With their robust infrastructure and optimized delivery mechanisms, you can trust that your messages will reach your target audience with utmost effectiveness.


      SMTP Server for Bulk Email:


      For those who need to send large volumes of emails at once, Climax Hosting provides an SMTP server specifically designed for bulk email purposes. This powerful server allows you to reach a wide audience while maintaining optimal deliverability and inbox placement rates. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional email providers and embrace the efficiency of Climax Hosting's SMTP server for bulk email campaigns.


      Cheapest SMTP Server:


      Cost-effectiveness is a crucial consideration for any business or individual. Climax Hosting Data Center understands this, which is why they offer the cheapest SMTP server option without compromising on quality and performance. By choosing their services, you can achieve your email marketing goals without straining your budget.


      Mass Email Service and Mass Mailing Server:


      To streamline your email marketing campaigns, Climax Hosting provides a comprehensive range of services, including mass email service and mass mailing server. These tools allow you to efficiently send personalized messages to a large number of recipients, maximizing your reach and engagement.


      Bulk Email Server and Bulk Mailing Servers:


      Climax Hosting Data Center also offers dedicated bulk email servers and bulk mailing servers. These specialized servers are tailored to handle high volumes of emails, making them ideal for businesses with extensive email marketing needs. With Climax Hosting, you can enjoy reliable infrastructure and seamless performance for your bulk email campaigns.


      When it comes to SMTP services, Climax Hosting Data Center is the go-to solution for businesses and individuals seeking to elevate their email marketing strategies. With their SMTP email service, SMTP server for bulk email, and the cheapest SMTP server option, they provide comprehensive solutions that cater to your specific needs. Their mass email service, mass mailing server, bulk email server, and bulk mailing servers equip you with the necessary tools to streamline your campaigns effectively. Trust Climax Hosting Data Center to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and high-performance services that will take your email marketing efforts to new heights.


      Maximize your email marketing success with Climax Hosting Data Center. Whether you need an SMTP email service, an SMTP server for bulk email, or the most affordable SMTP server option, they have you covered. Their comprehensive range of services includes mass email, mass mailing, bulk email, and bulk mailing servers, equipping you with the necessary tools to streamline your email campaigns.


      With their reliable infrastructure and optimized delivery mechanisms, Climax Hosting ensures efficient and effective email delivery to your target audience. Enjoy user-friendly configuration options, detailed analytics, and real-time monitoring, granting you full control over your campaigns. Plus, their cost-effective solutions allow you to achieve your marketing goals without exceeding your budget.


      Trust Climax Hosting Data Center for all your SMTP service needs and take your email marketing to new heights.

      Who uses bulk mailing servers? 


      Both companies and individuals involved in marketing to promote their brands utilize bulk mailing servers, particularly those that require multiple IPs. When sending a large number of emails simultaneously, only one IP is needed. At Climax Hosting, we offer comprehensive mail server management to both customers and resellers.


      Two types of IP addresses:


      IPv4 and IPv6


      IPv4 is a 32-bit numeric address written in decimal format and separated by four numbers, while IPv6 is a 128-bit IP address written in hexadecimal format and separated by colons.


      Climax Hosting's bulk emailing services are highly favored by customers, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, thanks to their top-rated performance. We impose no restrictions on emails, provide 100% clean and whitelisted IPs, and have no port blocks on SMTP. Our email server is not only affordable but also technically superior to other servers.


      How does bulk emailing benefit businesses?


      Mass email server services also referred to as bulk mailing servers in India, offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for boosting online businesses. A bulk email service allows you to reach potential clients while maintaining communication with existing ones. The dedicated email server hosting providers offer these services with various features, including reporting tools for tracking important parameters.


      Why should you choose a bulk mailing server?


      Mass email servers are widely recognized as an effective marketing strategy used by businesses of all sizes to increase sales and generate leads. Among different email strategies, mass mailing remains the most popular. Bulk emailing services encompass numerous functions, providing insights into key metrics such as mail receipts, opens, and click-through rates. Climax Hosting, a reputable marketing email server, offers SMTP services and unique solutions. With this tool, businesses can swiftly send transactional messages that foster widespread engagement. Rest assured that all your emails will be delivered through a reputable bulk email server.


      Who are we?


      We are a provider of SMTP services catering to businesses and individuals engaged in brand promotion, requiring multiple IPs. Sending large volumes of emails simultaneously? No worries! You won't need more than one IP. Our customers and resellers benefit from complete mail server management.


      Why choose us?


      Opt for our top-notch bulk mail service, provided by the finest SMTP service provider, for swift delivery to your target audience, resulting in improved sales. We offer reliable mass mailing services tailored for internet marketing.


      With our services, you can effectively target the right demographics and create a mail campaign that boosts subscriptions, sales, and other objectives. Utilize our Unlimited Dedicated & Private Bulk Email Marketing Server or Bulk Email Sending Hosting Service, guided by our email deliverability professionals.


      We have specific advantages for those who use our bulk emailing server, ensuring wider reach and expert assistance at every step. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to managing SMTP servers. Expect SLA-backed 99% network uptime, premium bandwidth, and round-the-clock server monitoring.


      Climax Hosting bulk emailing servers.


      While we strive to provide servers as quickly as possible, our extensive network of IPs may take some time to set up, typically 3-5 working days.


      Before placing an order, make sure to check the pricing for each IP on the server. It's essential to conduct a budget check, as mailing server prices are not fixed and may vary over time. Additionally, costs may differ based on the desired data center locations.


      Services we offer:


      Entry-level mailing Servers:

      • Choose from BMS-1/29 to BMS-6/24 subnet models
      • Features include up to 1 Gbit port speed, 4-16GB memory, and 150 GB-1 TB HDD Hard Drive
      • Available at a nominal fee


      An abundance of IPs with High-Performance Servers:

      • Ideal for larger businesses
      • Select from BMS-7/23 to BMS-9/21 subnet range
      • Enjoy up to 1 Gbit Port speed, 32GB-64GB memory, and 1 TB HDD hard drive
      • Available at a reasonable cost


      Get started with our Bulk mailing servers:

      • Carefully choose the plan that suits your needs

      • Benefit from affordable prices and exceptional services

      We provide following IPs subnet servers.
      /20 Subnet

      This type of server have 4096 IPs

      /21 subnet

      This type of server have 2048 IPs

      /22 subnet

      This type of server have 1024 IPs

      /23 subnet

      This type of server have 512 IPs

      /24 subnet

      This type of server have 256 IPs

      /25 subnet

      This type of server have 128 IPs

      /26 subnet

      This type of server have 64 IPs

      /27 subnet

      This type of server have 32 IPs

      Not Sure which configuration is best for you?
      No problem. Send us a ticket with your questions and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Free of charge.

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      Why Choose Us?
      Types of Mail Server

      Delivery Time 

      Due to multiple IPs this server takes longer time as compared to all other servers. Climax Hosting Data Centers tries to deliver server as earliest but normally it takes 3-5 working days. 

      Server cost 

      Before order this server make sure that in these server all IPs comes with a cost. Always check your budget before placing these servers order. There are no fixed prices for mailing servers so before ordering see the plans & their prices it may vary time to time. Prices may also change when you want to order custom DC locations.

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