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Service Level Agreement & Backup Policy

This Agreement provides the right under certain circumstances specified below, for a Customer to receive Service Credits in the event of failure by Climax Hosting Data Centers to provide Services to the Customer in accordance with the Agreement.

Customer acknowledges that Climax Hosting Data Centers has the talent and knowledge to meet the expense of the Services. The Customer has shown his inclusion in availing the Services provided by Service Provider by helpful the terms and conditions mentioned in this Agreement and the usual of the Service as provided in this SLA.

"Downtime” shall intend the duration of the Service Outage, calculated in aggregate number of hours in respective month. Where if Climax Hosting Data Centers identifies the serve outage, the downtime begins from there happening for or if customer identifies and a Trouble Ticket is raised from the occurrence of Service Outage, the times become old for Downtime begins not far-off-off off from the subject of launch of Service Outage and ends once the Trouble Ticket is closed by Climax Hosting Data Centers subject to due affirmation from the Customer concerning final of the outage. The era periods are calculated upon basis upon the number of outages per respective month and excluding the happenings covered asleep headings Exceptions to this SLA which shall not for the purposes of this SLA be included even though measuring Downtime.

"Emergency Maintenance" shall direct maintenance carried out under a condition or influence which poses suffering to the system, equipment, network, services required for rendering the Service etc. as the row may be and has to be attended nimbly. Climax Hosting Data Centers shall attempt to pay for an opinion the Customer roughly the emergency maintenance to the lead, whenever realizable.

"Network" means the allocation of internal computer network owned or operated going regarding for behalf of Climax Hosting Data Centers that extends from the outbound harbor upon a Customers cabinet switch to the outbound harbor re the be muggy to router and includes all redundant internet connectivity, bandwidth, routers, cabling and switches.

"Uptime" shall intend the aggregate percentage of Total Uptime Hours in respective month during which the Services is actually made approachable for use by Customer.

"Total Uptime" shall mean 24 hours 365 days a year (year is defined as epoch of 365 days).

"24*7*365 Support" Our desist office is admittance 24 hrs a hours of day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We manage to pay for retain by Live chat, phone and email.

"99.91% Connectivity Guarantee" Thanks to the capacity and resilience of the Climax Hosting Data Centers network infrastructure, we can guarantee that our network will be easy to benefit to 99.90% of the era. If you locate that we fail to meet this covenant, we will report 1 hours of daylight's assistance for all hour that connectivity has been unavailable anew and above 0.1% of the month, extending in value happening to a maximum of your monthly subscription court case.

"Bandwidth" We guarantee that we'll always have sufficient bandwidth comprehensible to support all single customer at their full knack, hence your site will never be slowed after that to by overused bandwidth.

"Server Delivery" Server right of entry will be provided within 7 to 10 working days after the payment conformation from the billing department.

"Billing" Billing date will be started from the same day when you get the server access as this is our company norm.

Payment Condition: The Service charges are as per the terms and conditions mentioned in quotation. All payments have to be remitted before 7 days of the due date as mentioned in the bill. Climax Hosting Data Centers. Reserves the right to discontinue the services in case of delay in or non-payment of the billed charges.

"Termination of Services" The Customer reserves the right to terminate the agreement and service by giving a 15 days’ notice in writing.

24x7x365 Customer Support: Our dedicated Support team is ready to support all your technical issues, round the clock 24*7*365 (that means 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year)

Phone Support: IND: +91-992-986-7019 +91-869-676-7948

Email Support: [email protected] | [email protected]

Online Live Chat Support: Visit our website ( click on the right button (image) that says “Online /Offline” Put your contact details and proceed for live chat.

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